How do we get vitamin?
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How do we get vitamin?

For the human body to survive we need vitamins. So, how are get vitamins from our diet?

A good diet consists of fresh fruit, vegetable, cereal and meat. Therefore, it is essential for us to have a good varied diet to obtain nutrients so we need to grow, fight off diseases and viruses, and basically to live a healthier life. However, a well balance diet is not always that easy. Our fruits and vegetables age, e.g. an apple in bowl loses its vitamins hour by the hour. The deep frozen products in our fridge may often contain more essential vitamins than the fruits and vegetables stored at room temperature. It is therefore very important to eat a wide variety of fresh foods.

Our body’s balance can be disturbed if we have too little of just one vitamin. It may cause health problems. Vice versa, too many of one vitamins can be just a dangerous. Just say you have too much fat-soluble vitamins which includes A, D, E and K. It makes the body harder to get rid of the excess of these vitamins through your urine. This is most common way for humans to eliminate body waste products.