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I, as you all know, do not believe in any organic matter, natural recipes and other traditional medicine. But for some reason, this mask with essential oil hit me interested. Moreover, to return the same thickness to my hair – my big and tender dream 🙂 Where are my 16 years old, when I spent on drying with a hairdryer for over an hour and cut my hair from the roots with strands to make it smaller 🙂


In general, the recipe is simple: a drop of essential oil should be mixed in a millilitre seems to base oil, rub into the scalp and rinse off after an hour. The most difficult was to buy this one. I passively searched for him for 2 years, and then suddenly BAM and found it in Spivak.

I made a mask with essential oil beat in early spring, while I did not drink vitamins for hair. Immediately spread more with almond oil of the same Spivak, in a jar, and carefully rubbed it once or twice a week, a month. I put on my hat and went to bed. In the morning I washed my hair. Then my husband for the stench drove me out of bed, and I began to do the prescription for an hour before washing my head. Then I got tired and now I am doing this mask about once a month and mixed with the best shampoos for oily hair.

Well, by the way, yes, the smell of this bye oil is very strong. For me, it is not at all nasty, it smells like something average between Lavrushka and cloves. Bey by the way from the family of laurels.


And at first I didn’t see the result as usual, and almost already scored. Until in mid-May she returned from the sea and was not fucked up. All my head was covered with small hairs a centimetre and a half long. Moreover, I have overgrown bald patches on the frontal depressions, which are generally normal for my hair growth, but a little shabby. I didn’t do anything else with my hair, so besides oil, there is no one to blame.

I traditionally did not do before and after, but here is my may forehead. I have not seen these wonderful fuzzes for several years and I am infinitely happy.

The oil has a lot of contraindications, it can hurt my head (my husband hurt me), and in general, be careful with incomprehensible natural drugs, they can be hard to harm.

Karen Mastrangelo

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Karen Mastrangelo

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