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I myself was a blonde for many years, and I understand perfectly well that I will be. Still, blond hair is such a kind of a sub joint thing: a blonde at once feels more beautiful and lighter. In addition, almost all the girls who come to me to change colours, want to be “brighter.” And I understand them. Today, about briefly about the features of being in blonde.

1. Blond is expensive.

The longer your hair, the more expensive it will be, the more experiments you have behind you, the more expensive you will be, the brighter and colder you need the shade, the more expensive. On average, becoming a blonde will be 2-3 times more expensive than painting in any other shade. 2-3 times more expensive and care.

2. Blond is not right away.

If your hair is already dyed something, then becoming a blonde will not be fast. Several procedures for 3-4 hours, mandatory cutting of the tips after. If your hair is dyed with henna, tonic, something exotic, you will probably have to cut everything dyed or be content with a dark warm (reddish) blond. Miracles happen, but rarely.

3. Blond is traumatic for hair.

No, it is not necessary to “burn” hair into a tow. Natural hair is perfectly lightened almost without loss of quality. The question is always only in the number of procedures. With dyed hair more difficult. In any case, very clean and very light colors are always obtained through blonding: working with brightening powder / paste. And toning. By the way, never, never, never leave blond hair not toned. No “rest”, “refill”, “heal.” Always after working with a clarifier should be toning. And then the hair will break randomly over the entire length.

4. Blond turns yellow.

This is an axiom. This law of nature. What would you not painted, sooner or later, the blond begins to turn yellow, and the dark blond – to turn red? This is stopped by proper care, maintenance of colour at home and constant and regular colour renewal.

5. Blond requires regularity.

If you want a beautiful shade, be prepared to update it every 2-6 weeks. And even if you are satisfied with the shade, it still needs to be updated once every 6 weeks, because toning is washed out and the hair becomes empty, brittle and begins to break down. The same with care, bleached hair requires careful, regular and, more often, expensive home care. Shampoo from a supermarket and mask from oils will not roll. Natural oils, by the way, can not be used.

Well, about the pros, too, need to say.

  • There is an incredible amount of blond shades. You can change the image monthly, it becomes warmer / colder / brighter / darker, etc.
  • Lightened hair gets dirty more slowly.
  • Lightened hair is bigger.
  • Lightened hair perfectly keeps styling and curling.
  • On blond hair, any hairstyles, braids, bunches look more beautiful and brighter.
  • Blonde hair is spectacular and bright.
  • Almost everyone goes to become lighter, it refreshes the face, helps to throw off 5 years in 3 hours, the main thing is to choose a shade. Then how to become even a couple of tones darker than natural does not go to almost anyone.
  • It’s fun to be blonde and nice, people’s attitude towards you barely changes, but life is really getting easier

Karen Mastrangelo

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Karen Mastrangelo

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