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I will definitely tell my clients how best to care for dyed hair. At the same time, everyone asks for the names of specific means, but there are no universal solutions. It is much easier to understand the scheme itself, and only the means to select for it. Of course, you need to consider how and what hair is painted, but there are two general cases: you like the color and you want to keep it. Or you do not like the color, you want to wash it off quickly. Today we will talk about the first option.

The color you like.

The task of care: to keep the color.

  • You need to buy soft shampoo with color retention function. Ideal: sulfate-free shampoos for colored hair. These are, but they stand like a wing from Boeing. For example, L’Oreal Professional Delicate Color Shampoo. Probably there are other manufacturers, but I have not yet found. If you, like me, 1000r for shampoo is expensive, go and buy sulphate shampoo from professional lines, Matrix, Londa, Indola.

If the hair is dyed with Anthocyanin (or another physical dye), then buy an acidic shampoo, that is, a shampoo with a low PH, somewhere 3-5. Again, Anthocyanin has, but he is expensive. There is, for example, Ollin in the salon “technical” line. Vella has one more like that. But there, too, oh, how expensive. In general, such shampoos are not intended for regular washing of the head. But I’m my own, while the flight is normal.

I really do not recommend using “cosmetics from the supermarket”, but Elsev is better for colored hair than just Elsev. I really do not recommend the use of organic shampoos for colored hair. Because it is unpredictable.

  • Balm and mask is also better to choose exactly with the function of preserving color. Usually these rulers are marked as “color save” or “color”. But this is not so important. The main thing is not to use the tools with the functions “recovery” (repair). These balms and masks fantastically wash out the color.
  • Throw out all natural oils, as well as eliminate ready-made products based on natural oils (we read the composition, the natural oils in the first three positions of the composition will wash away the color). Silicone finishing “oils”, for example, my favorite Matrix Biolage can be used.
  • It would be nice to reduce the frequency of headwashing. At least for the first time. How? Of course, dry shampoo. As well as shampooing with cool water, the elimination of straightening irons, the use of styling for volume. Everything is simple: the higher the hair roots will be raised from the skin, the slower they will get dirty.
  • Use tint. In fact, a very important stage of home care, which everyone ignores. We buy a suitable tint balm / mask / mousse (not shampoo!) And use it 1-2 times a week. I love prof mousses from Schwartz , there is a beautiful shade to maintain a beautiful cold blond or light blonde. To maintain the copper shades, my girls praise Olline Balsam very much, but I did not try for obvious reasons. In any case, it should be professional tools, the use of which is better to coordinate with a hairdresser. And never, never “Tonic”. She is terrible, seriously. (Although I have a bottle, which I sometimes get for myself).

In any case, you need to be ready to update the color every 4-8 weeks or choose those types of toning that do not require correction.

Karen Mastrangelo

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Karen Mastrangelo

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