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Perhaps, if you believe the photo, this cream has the most impressive results: curls are even, clear, round, in general – beauty. Article by Bishonen Works. But, unfortunately, the cream makes them very hard. Immediately I remember the very first way of styling curls, which I worked in my youth: acrylic gel on super-wet hair, and then immediately varnish from the bottle. Ideal curls keep to the stop, only break off if to touch them 🙂

Unlike most professional products, the cream has a very light fragrance, for which many thanks to him. Given the fact that I rarely use one styling agent, all their fragrances are very tiring.

The texture is a cross between gel and wax: low-fat, non-sticky, slippery and rather dense. I need the amount of cherries on my curls. If you put less, there will be almost no effect. More – hair will finally turn into a helmet.

The cream withstands the drying of brushing well, the hair is not loose, there are beautiful curls. But the tool is not heavy, curls and without a hair dryer lie beautifully. But the rigidity is very unpleasant: (It is beautiful to look, but it is unpleasant to touch.

By the way, my girlfriend has adapted this cream for styling, straightening, fixing, says – great.

There is no serious sign here, but there is no harm either: it does not dry, the color does not wash out.

Karen Mastrangelo

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Karen Mastrangelo

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