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And as a hairdresser, and as a consumer, I was very tightly hooked on the funds of the Spanish professional brand Hipertin. I am absolutely delighted with the colors, and care is just something with something. When I tried the hair restoration programs on myself, I had no questions left: many preparations were ordered to work. Given the adequate price (compared to, for example, the completely equestrian prices of L’Oreal or Matrix), it is difficult to find analogs to Ipertin. Especially I want to allocate 2 products – Linecure Super Repair Silk Serum serum and Linecure Hair Mask mask . I will immediately say that I use both of these tools both for myself and in work, and every time I see an excellent effect.

The mask of Hipertin Linecure Hair Mask is intended for deep restoration of the injured hair. It is bottled in bigger and smaller banks, I have half a liter now. The flow rate of the mask is large, my second bank is already ending.

The mask in texture resembles The Body Shop batters: a thick, dense, whipped product. Distributed not too willingly, absorbed into the hair literally immediately. It is necessary to apply plentifully, not sparing a product. It smells salon-unobtrusively.

Depending on the condition of the hair, the exposure time is selected, from 5 to 20 minutes, the effect may be enhanced using heat (in salon conditions, this is climax. Then the hair should be rinsed with plenty of water.

As a result, even the most damaged hair becomes smooth, soft, much more elastic, and therefore less brittle. By myself, I noticed that with regular use of the mask, no new split ends appear. Also, the mask perfectly moisturizes the hair, they cease to be so confused and electrified.

The effect is excellent, but not to say cumulative. This is an excellent express tool. Its result can be seen immediately, but after the use of the mask is finished, it quickly disappears, for example, unlike the same Matrix, from which there is not very much obvious visual effect, but over time the hair recovers perfectly.

Serum Hipertin Linecure Super Repair Silk Serum – a treasure, otherwise you can not say. This is a fantastic product of instant and prolonged hair restoration. It is also an integral part of the brand lamination system, but I will not talk about this. But at home, the tool can be perfectly used as indelible care. Apply to wet or dry hair from mid-length to the ends. The tool immediately improves the hair structure, makes the hair dense, smooth and shiny. I will advise this serum for constant care for really bad hair because it is very concentrated: it will not restore hair just dry from dying but will make it heavier.

It works both health and visually: smoothing split ends, softening dry bristling strands. But it is also a therapeutic agent with a cumulative effect. For myself, I stopped using it for the fifth time: she recovered her hair well after re-lightening, and then began to overload and weigh down. In general, use, like everything is very effective, you need to carefully and wisely.

Karen Mastrangelo

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Karen Mastrangelo

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