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On some salon procedures, it is quite possible to save money by making them at home. About my own system, I will tell you about it the next time, and today, in a nutshell, about what can be done at home from manipulations with hair, and what should not even begin.

A haircut

All kinds of haircuts do in the salon. Firstly, it is almost impossible to cut the bangs on oneself because the eye is not above the top of the head and the arms are not enough at the desired angle. Secondly, the scissors with which you can cut your hair cost as much as you give in a good salon for a couple of years of regular haircuts. And from bad scissors will split and break hair.


If you have to tint your hair a little bit darker than natural colour, or a more golden, reddish tint of the same level as yours (the same degree of “lightness”), you can easily dye your own hair, with the help of a girlfriend with your hands or trellis. The main thing – take a good professional paint and low (up to 6%) percentages of oxide. Never-never-never dye your hair with henna, Basma, tonic and household dyes. And also my personal request – do not paint Campus – he, for my taste, is simply disgusting.

It is also easy in principle to tint the roots, if you do not have/has little grey hair and the shade is not lighter than your natural one.

But to be painted lighter than your natural, in bright, unnatural colours, you need to do complex staining only with a specialist. Naturally, only professionals have enough brains and hands to make sophisticated modern staining. There are so many nuances that you cannot learn in a week. Not to mention to put everything into practice. Never lighten up with powder at home. It requires constant visual inspection and a very careful and uniform distribution of the composition. Otherwise, the hair will fall off with scraps.

And I implore you from home transition from dark to light and vice versa. There you can do this, which will be impossible to fix. Is that a tattoo on his bald head to fill.


Hairstyles can be done at home alone. The main thing – a sense of proportion and good technique. If you make one or two hairstyles a year, then the master will be cheaper to comb his hair, if you have a month out, then buying good curling and styling will pay for itself in a year.

The complexity, for my taste, with high hairstyles, but in the presence of several large mirrors, everything is solved.


On the one hand, it is not difficult to make most types of care; anyone can apply and warm it with a regular hairdryer. The snag in the majority of multi-phase and multi-phase compositions that are made in the complex. The fact is that a set of tools for one procedure usually costs 20-100 thousand rubles, is not sold to private owners and individuals without undergoing training, and most definitely will not be spent by one person for 6-12 months in an open condition. Therefore, it is also more sensible to go to the professionals. Or throw off with friends with the same hair problems and buy banks and pour them on the company of 5-8 people.

I do not advise anyone to do all kinds of permanent perm, straightening and other “texture transformations” neither at home nor among masters. Again – my personal opinion.

In general, it is not bad for everyone to find their master, who will tell you how to maintain the condition of the hair in the intervals between trips to the salon, how and with what to save, and what to do is just necessary. If you have questions, I will be glad to answer, if it is possible to do this remotely.

Karen Mastrangelo

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Karen Mastrangelo

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