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Quite an interesting series, which at first struck me to the heart, but then I still lost interest. Although the first two weeks did not advise her bald. John Frieda Frizz Ease is designed for curly, who love their curls and they do not straighten. I have Frizz Ease Dream curls wavy and curly hair shampoo, Frizz Ease Dream curls wavy and curly hair conditioner and hairdryer Frizz Ease Go curlier is a long-acting thermo active spray for creating perfect curls, I recommend using it together with the best round brush to achieve a truly beautiful result.

The shampoo and the balm are packaged in the same look, the tubes on the lid. But the cover of the shampoo I can only open with my teeth or on the shelf. Very uncomfortable. Highly.

John Frieda Frizz Ease

Shampoo thick, mother-of-pearl. Foams decently, but do not need to be greedy. Flush twice with a large number of funds. The shampoo is very, very soft, it fantastically gently cleanses the hair, almost does not wash away the colour, and, frankly, poorly copes with cleaning from heavy pollution, oils, styling. But when I first washed their heads, I walked and touched hair, and could not stop, I had such gentle and silky ones only in childhood. Fantastic feeling. The bottle was enough for me for 3 months of use twice a week. The smell is strong, perfume remains on the hair.

The conditioner is not as controversial as shampoo. On the one hand: it coolly softens (even stronger!) Hair, unravels it, makes it smoother. No complaints, on the other hand – it makes any balm for 100 rubles.

Unfortunately, I did not notice any influence on the curls from this couple: neither more elasticity nor less fluffiness.

Frizz Ease Go curlier is a long-acting thermo active spray for creating perfect curls a very pleasant remedy. It should be plentifully (10-15 zilch) applied to wet hair, and then dry the hair with a hairdryer with a diffuser. Curls are cool: elastic, crisp, not glued at all. In general, the truth is beautiful. But they don’t hold onto me at all: almost immediately they start to shag, to push and as a result, a very bulk bastard turns out in an hour. You have to use some kind of lacquer or immediately apply some other styling along with the spray. In general, I expected another little. But in the autumn-winter period, when I will be forced to dry my hair in order not to catch a cold, this spray will definitely be on my way.

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