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I don’t often write about styling tools, although I actively use them, both for myself and for clients. All the same, good styling make life easier. This mousse is my find. Inexpensive, inconspicuous on the hair, very light, but effective.

Ollin – inexpensive professional cosmetics of domestic production. Amazingly good for my taste. They do simple, but working things. Maybe for professional use they are not enough, as products for everyday life, for every day, I strongly advise as an alternative to any mass market (mass styling is terrible, I still, it seems, have never even seen a not very disgusting product).

Aqua must differ from the usual in that it is in a cylinder without pressure, it is not sticky, light, completely invisible, really watery. It is easier not to overdo it, and you can not be afraid to blurt a lot in one place of the head, as often happens with classic mousses and foam. Almost does not smell.

This mousse gives easy or medium fixation. I use it exclusively as a means to create root volume. I apply it only on the basal part and I put the hair in with a hairdryer. It turns out a great, natural look without fat, weighting, stickiness, but also without peel and stiffness, which often give volumetric means. On my hair, styling is kept for a day or two, but for my hair, this is a normal, not an exceptionally good result.

Karen Mastrangelo

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Karen Mastrangelo

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