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The attitude of the winter is ambiguous. I love cold weather, but I hate snow. Someone the other way around. One thing I know for sure is that winter is not an easy time for hair. And they need to be very careful and take care of them so as not to remain in the spring with brittle, dissected tails, dropping out shreds.

Dry air in winter is the brainchild of all kinds of heating devices. Plus, we spend little time on the air, less often we air. It turns out that almost all the time the hair dries under the influence of the environment. Also in winter, many (including myself) switch to hair dryers, because drying hair naturally is very cold and very long. Over-dried hair loses its lustre and softness and begins to electrify.

Dealing with this disaster is not difficult: with thermal dryers, add thermal protection to the care, use more moisturizing agents, special care lines for the winter, and not ignore the indelible care with oils and silicones. It is always important, but it is in the winter that it prevents the hair from drying out since it covers the surface of the hair with a hydrophobic film and prevents the liquid from evaporating. As a result, hair becomes denser, softer and more elastic.

It is even easier to fight the cold, but for some reason very few people do it. It’s simple: put on hats and remove long tails under the jacket!

Those who don’t wear a hat at all, after 3-4 months of frost, will lose hair in clumps and wonder why they fall out like that! In fact, everything is simple. When the head is cold, a spasm of blood vessels in the scalp occurs, the hair does not receive nutrients, the bulb dies off slowly. Since all the processes in the hair are slowed down, we see the effect of this spasm later, during the spring. Hair falls out and no “poultices” will help. Because all the bad happened even in winter.

Who will leave the feminine curls on the surface, as a result will get split and brittle hair. The hair contains moisture, it freezes through at freezing temperatures, forming ice. Ice crystals destroy the hair from the inside. Plus, purely mechanical damage: wind, friction on the jacket: as a result, the hairs split (split) and break off.

So, wear hats, please, then in the spring everything will be beautiful!

Karen Mastrangelo

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Karen Mastrangelo

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